The IDEALS in our school

Shiv Nadar School’s vision, to foster holistic learning amongst our students, is the governing principle of all our activities, and is closely aligned with the intent of Round Square. We have a wide range of international collaborations to help our students develop a global mindset. Various outbound learning engagements, field trips and excursions help them develop a sense of adventure. Leadership is instilled at a very young age through a myriad of student-led clubs, school initiatives and independent projects. Our experiential pedagogy sensitizes students to real-world problems and the role their education plays in creating solutions that remedy said issues.


RoundSquare IDEALS & Shiv Nadar School


What being a Round Square school means to us

Round Square for us is a window to a borderless world, a wonderful opportunity to expose our students to an international community of thinkers. It helps support our vision to transform young learners into responsible change-makers of tomorrow with an informed, well-rounded, and global perspective on prominent world issues. At the same time, it helps us provide exciting avenues to our teachers to further strengthen learner-centric pedagogical designs through insightful and thought-provoking interactions with their peers coming from a similar ethos.

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