The digital natives of today are the designers and inventors of tomorrow.

Our innovative curriculum enables our students to not only use the latest technology in the best ways, but redesign it, interpret it, comment on it, and very often, surprise us with original forms of it. This is the path to becoming pioneering creators of new and emerging technologies. We also push our students to see technology not just as an end, but also as potential means for bridging social and economic gaps.

Students should design their own learning curve (Everyone shouldn't be doing the same thing)

Technology is not limited to coding or computer science (The world is your oyster)

Design skills should be transmitted as part of the learning curve (Geeks can be creative too)


Technology is only as good as its application. Keeping this in mind, once the students have specialized in their chosen domain, they are asked to use their skills for solving a real world problem. 


Groups of students figure out an area of intervention

They devise an economically viable, implementable and creative solution


Students need to be INNOVATIVE, DISRUPTIVE and FEARLESS in their problem-solving process, and EMPATHETIC towards the cause they have chosen.

Capstone Culmination - The Colloquium

Technology experts, entrepreneurs and industry leaders evaluate, discuss and investigate the ideas developed by our students in an annual Technology Seminar/Event called the Colloquium.

This is the time when ideas incubated in the school are synergized with the actual world outside. This, we believe, is the place where future entrepreneurs, social scientists, innovators and leaders are also being birthed, along with the ideas.