Creativity and self-expression are at the heart of our efforts towards creating a unique educational experience at Shiv Nadar School.

The Arts programme has been conceptualized as an integrated, engaging and dynamically evolving exercise. Other than the focus on exposing students to different art forms - dance, music, theatre, visual arts - teachers look for opportunities to blend artistic learning with curriculum domains to enable experiential and thematic learning.

Arts at Shiv Nadar School are taught to instill awareness and provide exposure about traditional and contemporary art forms, as well as enable students to progressively discover their passions in a specific genre. Creativity and imagination, as well as critical enquiry and finding innovative means of communicating our thoughts – all are skills which are best inculcated and explored through a robust arts curriculum. This is what we strive for at our school.

A devoted and extremely skilled co-scholastic team works towards creating an environment which enables self-discovery through art. Many of our faculty members are also practitioners themselves, being active in performances, concerts, gigs and exhibitions across the country and beyond. Our faculty, other than practicing and teaching, is also involved in research in their chosen art field. Some have gone on to present papers internationally.

Exposure to art forms is created via frequent interactions with seasoned and inspiring artists, who are invited to perform at the school. Our students are taken on field trips to view art exhibitions. Exposure trips to international art capitals of Europe are organized to expand the horizons of our budding artists.

Other than regular co-scholastic art classes, students are given the opportunity to pursue their artistic passions through a carefully designed arts programme, called AHA!, more on which can be read here. Independent, creative expression is encouraged by showcasing the learning of students in an annual culmination called ‘Anandam’, where all artists find an equal opportunity of expression, whether via a tap of their feet, or a stroke of their brush. We also hold after-school arts classes for selected students, as well as organizing short duration art camps in summer.