A child learns in many ways -  questioning adults, collaborating with peers, and experiencing the world through his or her unique perspective.

Shiv Nadar School transforms these ways of learning into a methodology of relevance. This means that every child at our schools is equipped with a toolkit of concepts, skills and knowledge, which he or she can shape into endless possibilities and solutions. In a dynamic and shifting world, this kind of learning impacts individual growth as well as global consciousness.

We drive academic excellence in the classroom and the pursuit of passion outside it. Our children learn to observe, analyze, interpret information, and ask 'why?' and 'what if?' They are given the opportunity to connect their lessons with what is happening in the real world, to be leaders, to take action, and to effect change in their community. They learn how to think, not what to think — and we believe that's the best way to be prepared for life in the 21st century.

Learning Models

At the Shiv Nadar School, learning is so much more than a mere acquisition of knowledge. Our students thrive and grow through learning methodologies that are a part of progressive schooling the world over. This is what equips them to flourish in a knowledge-based, technological society.

Integrated Learning

It is crucial for children to establish a strong understanding of concepts for their learning to be effective for life. In our classrooms, students explore a common theme through different subjects and in real life contexts. When children build connections between the new knowledge they gain and the information they already have, the integration of the two produces a unique, dynamic, robust form of learning and cognitive development.

Inquiry Based Learning

Students examine, investigate, question, collaborate, research, interact with the larger community and environment, and share their ideas and opinions. Solving problems by engaging deeply with the issues enables them to come up with creative solutions. This concept is placed at the centre of teaching at Shiv Nadar School, where our teachers act as facilitators to evoking a spirit of inquiry in students. Via the questions they ask, students engage more deeply with the subject matter and also carry forth this curiosity while examining situations in life. The entire learning cycle includes tremendous scope for integrating ideas, concepts and skills, practising values, taking part in shared leadership.

Project Based Learning

Learning at Shiv Nadar School is experiential and hands-on. In sciences and social sciences, teachers follow a project based approach, where curriculum objectives are summarized into a ‘driving question’. Students then discuss ideas, brainstorm and meditate upon the question, post which they carry on investigations in their independent groups. Collaboration and Critical Analysis are key components of PBL. It is also an approach in which text-book learning is contextualized to the real world.