Personal-Social-Emotional Development

Children who grow in a safe, nurturing and healthy environment develop skills that equip them to deal with life’s challenges with strength and self-confidence. At Shiv Nadar Schools, every child is valued, loved and cared for, and we want the children to know this. There are periodic interventions for both students and parents, to ensure that we constantly strive to achieve our stated purpose. 


Designed to help each child explore his unique potential and connect with her true self, our programme is implemented by a team of experienced counsellors who constantly help students navigate each developmental phase of life, work through feelings of inner conflict, improve interpersonal relationships, and internalise coping skills for circumstances they cannot control in the complex world of adults around them.

Collaborating with Parents

Parent partnerships and parent support groups enable sensitive and positive outcomes from difficult scenarios like special education needs, single parenting, divorce, grief, bereavement, and more.

Zero Tolerance towards Violence

The school counselling team works proactively to make Shiv Nadar School a safe space for all children to attain their highest potential. Even the most subtle manifestations of violence in the form of isolation, exclusion, or rejection, are addressed immediately. In the case of high-risk cases, the counsellor acts like a safety valve.

Building an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in the school is crucial to us. Teachers, parents and counsellors work together to create this environment of love and belonging for each child in our care.