We believe that sport is serious work

Sport ingrains lifelong skills in students like teamwork, sportsmanship, esprit de corps and the critical skill of handling failures positively. We would also like our students to be fit, healthy and active for life. We believe that the key to achieving excellence in sports lies in integrating it with the regular curriculum, interweaving it into the student’s daily schedule. Students are given the opportunity to choose one sporting discipline every 6 months which enables them to discover their aptitude and perfect their skills in that particular sport.


Sports help equip student with the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. Shiv Nadar School offers world class sporting facilities where our students learn, train and play.

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Level of Sports curriculum

Level 1

Level 1 is the regular physical education classes. It is run as per CBSE guidelines, but has a well planned curriculum in place. The aim of the physical education period is to maintain health, fitness and to make our children learn the basics of multiple sports. P.E. is also about making children learn how to appreciate sports.

Level 2

Level 2 is called the AHA! sports program. This is where a child gets to play minimum 8-10 sports in the first and second month. Moving forward, the student chooses a particular sport for the entire year. This lets her experience many sports, before she realises where her forte and passion lies. The sport selection is based on a two way process – talent identification by the coaches and the student’s own interest.

Level 3

Level 3 is the Wildcats Sports Programme, open for the entire school from Grade 2 upwards. It is an after-school or a pre-school programme where students are given intensive training in a sport they are passionate about. The level of specialised coaching here goes a notch higher than the Aha! program.

Level 4

Level 4 is the Wildcats Team Potential Programme, where we coach potential state/national team players. The teams practice three times a week, and prepare to represent the school in inter-school, district, state and national tournaments.