A joyful and secure environment gives the children in our pre-primary classes the freedom to be curious, to wonder, to find their own trajectory of exploration while making sense of their new world. Learning in this way transforms them into lifelong learners. They associate learning with magical, exciting discoveries that they make independently through our hallmark experiential programme, inside and outside the classroom. If you enter a pre-primary classroom at Shiv Nadar School, you might see a child playing with blocks, or dancing, or going for a walk, or drawing. This is actually our curriculum in action, provoking the youngest of our students to explore, experience, investigate and comprehend through play. We design joyous activities for each domain of learning with care and research-based precision. Even the physical spaces and structures the children interact with everyday are deliberately designed to reflect our thinking.

The Happiness Curriculum 

Theme-based lessons let the children engage with diverse concepts, from junior math to learning about themselves and their world, to literacy and the arts. The whole spectrum of development from cognitive to emotional to physical is encompassed in these lessons. They imbibe vital skills like decision-making, taking turns, sharing, persistence, creativity and problem solving. They learn to recycle. They participate in events and celebrations, and go on short field trips. During Circle Time, they learn the all-important abilities of communicating and listening, to both peers and teachers.
The Personal, Social and Emotional Development of the children in our care, or the 'happiness curriculum' as we choose to call it, is the centre of our world-view. Our children love to come to school!
Based on international best practices, yet rooted in Indian contexts and values, our progressive pre-primary programme births holistic and positive personalities.

Learning Domains

  • Language and Literacy

  • Numeracy and Logic

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development

  • Aesthetic Development


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Parent Engagement

The Shiv Nadar School is committed to constant and fruitful parent-educator relationships. To know how you can engage with the school,

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