Literary Week - Grades 3 to 5

Grades 3 to 5 marked the Literary Week from 22nd to 26th November to foster love and appreciation for literature. 

The students of Grade 3 engaged in versatile activities as a part of the celebrations. Beginning with the meaning of 'literary' to exploring music with similes, the students experienced 5 days of diverse learning.

The week's kick-starter was an interactive session 'In Conversation With Roald Dahl' incorporating Role Play by one of the teachers. The students got an opportunity to learn more about the author's life in the form of an interview. 

We integrated language learning with arts through a 'Poster Making' activity. The students designed posters for the opening ceremony of a sandwich shop in their neighbourhood based on their reading of the story 'Irma's Sandwich Shop' on RAZ Plus. 

Storytelling is being increasingly recognised as one of the pillars of language learning. Grade 3 students enjoyed a storytelling session based on 'Incredible Investigation' along with the Role Play of characters, which tickled their funny bones. We also invited Spark Studio to conduct Storytelling Workshops wherein a facilitator guided them on how to read with expressions and structure their own stories. 

Grade 3's Literary Week culminated with the introduction of 'Rhyme Scheme' in classes. The students travelled back to their nursery days and enjoyed identifying rhyming patterns in poems.  

In grade 4,  the week showcased myriad activities and students actively participated to show their creative side. 

Literary week aimed at infusing the students with understanding, appreciation, and love of the English  language.

The students participated in an array of activities with great zest and zeal like creating limericks, designing their own comic strips and creating adjective flip books. 

The students also enjoyed the author's session that was organized online over Zoom. 

Towards the end of the literary week, the children were thrilled to display their creatively original limericks and comic strips on the class board. 

Grade 5 celebrated the literary week through a multitude of activities including storytelling, fun with similes to the art of composing limericks.

Students listened to interesting folktales and inspirational stories during storytelling sessions. They adorned the author’s cap to give twist to some age-old stories.  They had a writer’s workshop where they learnt about development of character and dialogue writing. They culminated the literary week by using the characters they created and their knowledge of dialogue writing in a comic strip. It was 5 days of enrichment for them.

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