We revel in creating progressive, value-oriented learning experiences for our students: essentially this is our MISSION in ACTION. Through these experiences and programmes, the ethics and values that we ascribe to find tangible manifestation, and make subtle inroads into the character of our students.

    We are dedicated to instilling a sense of service, respect and compassion towards the community, especially those less fortunate, in our students. During the Joy of Sharing week, they are sensitized to the lives of others, and experience the positive feelings inherent in the act of giving. Students raise funds for a pre-identified cause by organizing bake sales, selling handmade products, washing cars and more. They honour the school staff and inspire their community to undertake charity as well.

    This is an annual series of panel discussions, planned and organized by the students themselves. Thinkers, academics, industry veterans and leaders from different fields are invited to debate a pre-set topic before the students. The discussions cover agendas of national relevance and help students build informed opinions and an incisive awareness of topical issues.

    Model United Nations at Shiv Nadar School are conducted in partnership with the award winning MUN team of Alma College, Michigan. The MUN is centred around the social science curriculum. Students train with the Alma College team for a month, through a lecture that is part of their timetable. MUN is an excellent vehicle for young people to become a part of the crucial process of peacekeeping and conflict resolution on an international stage.

    OLEs at Shiv Nadar School are more than fun excursions. They are carefully thought through and planned experiences, which map to curriculum, as well as embed interpersonal skills in students.

    In and Around the City –Students visit traffic parks, farms and sites of historical importance under the guidance of expert mentors, keeping the curriculum in mind.
    Outstation Trips within India – Organized for students from grade 5 onwards, these trips build greater interpersonal skills, an appreciation of nature, as well as an exploration and understanding of local communities and culture. In the senior classes, students also pick up tasks/projects, which contribute towards the good of the community they interact with while on the trip. Projects include farming activities, building fences or painting walls at the local school, learning local cooking practices, etc.
    International Exchanges – In this globally integrated world, we constantly create opportunities for international interactions for our students. Such international exchanges foster understanding of global cultures, values, and of course, of diversity, at a young age. Many of these exchanges are curated arts and sports trips, while others are cultural and academic exchanges.