We revel in creating progressive, value-oriented learning experiences for our students: essentially this is our MISSION in ACTION. Through these experiences and programmes, the ethics and values that we ascribe to find tangible manifestation, and make subtle inroads into the character of our students.

    Nothing embodies a truly creative ideology more than Funkaar. Our annual academic calendar has dedicated spaces in which integrated, hands-on, project based learning modules are used instead of textbooks to meet the curriculum’s objectives. The idea is that what is realised by doing, understanding and learning things oneself leads to firmly entrenched understanding, which lasts for a lifetime.

    Innovators and entrepreneurs are seeded every year through the challenging Capstone projects. Optimizing a dynamic Creative Computing curriculum, students from Grade 10 acquire skills and then apply those skills in a real world context.

    A strong reading culture is a central to the Vision of our school. Our libraries become extraordinary spaces for curiosity, expression, the exchange of ideas, and of course for growing a passion for reading. Lingual and literary engagements with authors inspire and provoke. Students are encouraged to write their own stories/poems, or design games and activities around literature. They build empathy with different characters from books. The landscape of these engagements is limitless.

    We celebrate inquisitive minds, independent thinking and a scientific temper. Science, Mathematics and Technology are highlighted through SCIMATECH, an annual, week-long programme where students take up subjects/themes of common curiosity and demystify the science and patterns inherent in them. The product of their labour is then shared creatively in a student-led gala with teachers and parents.