What is the IGCSE curriculum- All you need to know about IGCSE

This is a series of articles to inform readers about different aspects of the IGCSE curriculum being offered by Shiv Nadar School. In the first post, we will introduce you to IGCSE, its reach, methodology and governance.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a two-year program for students of Grades IX and X (14 to 16-year olds). It is an international curriculum aligned to the standards of GCSE followed in the UK. The program is offered at a global level by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a part of the University of Cambridge. When students take up IGCSE at Shiv Nadar School, they are guided by leaders who have considerable teaching and leadership experience of the IGCSE curriculum.

Benefits of IGCSE:

The most striking advantage of the IGCSE curriculum is that it is highly student-centric and prepares students as global citizens. Moreover, here are some key benefits:

  • • An inquiry-based approach to pedagogy helps students to become independent and innovative learners, with a passion for lifelong learning.
  • • They engage in research work at an early stage in life and learn about research methods and ethics.
  • • A wide range of subjects ensures that students can choose areas that match their interests and career goals.
  • • The fact that IGCSE education is recognised by the leading international colleges and companies makes the path forward for students easier when they want to opt for higher studies abroad.

Reach and Scope:

Agility and flexibility are the most crucial talents that students have to develop to prepare for the future, and the IGCSE curriculum is the best way to do so. It develops critical thinking and collaborative skills through its unique framework. Hence, opting for the IGCSE program in grade IX would lead students towards better prospects.

Our first webinar on IGCSE in India successfully answers questions related to its scope and advantages. Check the link here to watch Tanay Ghosh, Senior Manager North and Central India, Cambridge Assessment International Education, speak about the program in detail.



Jan 14, 2022 by Shiv Nadar School

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