An Update from the Principal's Desk

Dear Parent

I hope for wellness and good health in your family.

I write to inform you that there is an exponential rise in Covid infections in my team, in their families and immediate community. We are struggling to keep our online classes regular and uninterrupted for the Foundational grades. Many parents who are sailing through the same storm, have also written that it is challenging for them to support and enable their child during the online classes.

We are constrained to inform you that we will be suspending online classes for Nursery to Grades 2 from April 28th to 30th May and consider this as their summer break. On 15th May we will review the situation and let you know how we will proceed in the given circumstances.  Communication will be regular and seamless from our end.

That said, offline work, asynchronous engagement, Aha engagement and Holiday enrichment will be sent to you as frequently as possible. You may take some time out whenever you have the window and relive the sense of joy of doing engaging, interesting learning activities with your child.

I assure you that the year will not result in a gap year for your child. When 2020 hit us, we invested in training, technology, reskilling and more to make sure our online learning model led to rich, meaningful learning for each child. We will do the same, again. There will be no loss whatsoever of academic milestones and children will continue their journey to learn with joy and learn for life. The Holiday enrichment and offline work will also be designed with these objectives in mind.

At present the priority is health. To stay afloat and get out of the eye of this storm keeping our resilience, equanimity and combativeness intact. We wish the same for you. Just hold on and let us journey together and see better times soon.

We will stay connected. Be assured that you can reach out to the teachers, me for any assistance, support whatsoever.

My prayers for your family and all loved ones. May our community be safe again and our fellow citizens experience wellness and good health.


Best Regards

Anju Wal

Director Principal -  Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad

Secretary Sahodaya (South Delhi Schools)


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