Synergy Parent Production 2022

Synergy Parent Collective is a space for our parents to collaborate under varied baskets that it offers; facilitated by the Parent Partnership Office. This year the parents chose to present a production with ‘Navrasa’ as the central theme for Art, Music and Theatre. This is the first ever production that the parents of Shiv Nadar School have curated.

The event started with our guest of honour Mrs Usha Garodia, Director of Education Ms Shashi Banerjee and COO Ms Arti Dawar unveiling Virtuosity – an Art Exhibition. Mrs Garodia, grandparent of one of our students, is a ceramist who has done many solo shows across the country and abroad. The Art gallery was curated based on the central theme; parents picked one Rasa each and painted nine life size canvases each depicting an emotion. The exhibits were representative of these artist's expression and interpretation of their chosen ‘rasa’. 

The event continued with our parents as Master of Ceremonies hosting the rest of the evening with their wit and charm. A jugalbandi between piano and tabla set the tone of the magical evening. Evoking a feeling of shared emotions, the Sound of Music members along with the School’s didis and bhaiyas presented a medley of songs that created an atmosphere of euphoria.

The Broadway group performed two plays with varied story backdrops. Whilst the play ‘Barsaat’ set in a city took the audience on a nostalgic trip, ‘Heer’ set against the backdrop of a quintessential Punjabi wedding captivated them with all the shades of love in all its splendour.

The Annual Production showcased harmony; fostering a sense of community and camaraderie amongst parents, educators, students and administrators.

Event Glimpses