Synergy – Parent Collective

Shiv Nadar School represents the idea of learning by fostering a culture of creativity. The Parent Partnership Office takes this philosophy forward by engaging with the parents; creating an involved and evolved community of like-minded people.

Synergy - Parent Collective was conceived based on this philosophy; a space of sharing and collaborations for parents. This collective has different baskets in the offering - Creative Pursuits, Sports & Culture, Wellbeing and Community Partnership. These clubs are for the parents, by the parents and are led by parents. The school facilitates and supports them in all their pursuits.

Creative Pursuits gives parents a platform to express their creativity and curate art exhibitions, theatrical performances and annual production.

Sports & Culture is a space for the parent community to bond on the field and the library. The sports enthusiasts organize tournaments, marathons and free plays in any sport.

The book lovers keep the Bibliognosts sessions alive with book suggestions, live reading sessions and author visits.

Wellbeing Programs bring them together as a whole; presenting an environment for the community to flourish and be happy physically, mentally & spiritually wellbeing. Regular mindfulness sessions, Ted Talks and webinars are organized for the entire school by the parents.

Community Partnership is a strong parent and school community that has shown its solidarity in all times. This strong bond and support system has been a testament to the founding principles of Shiv Nadar School. Parents collaborate and work towards a cause that is proposed by them as a collective. These causes are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the initiatives that the parents have taken are: Fundraiser Campaign for the Covid affected families, Plant a Sapling, Coffee for Cause and Disposal of e-waste.

Glimpses: Synergy Parent Collective