Summer School Fair


On the 15th of April 2023, the Career Guidance Centre of  Shiv Nadar School,Faridabad organized a summer school fair that aimed to provide students with an opportunity to explore various programs offered by more than 25 organizations and universities. The fair was a huge success, and we received an overwhelming response from students, parents, and faculty members.  The fair Started with the Vice Principal's address, followed by understanding the importance of doing a summer program by Aamir Masood, the head of CGC. Post which the fair was opened to all the students and parents. Each organisation and university was allotted a separate booth where parents and students could directly engage with them.

Overview of the Fair:
The summer school fair was held in the Wild Cats Hall from 10:00-12:30 PM. The event was open to all high school students and parents (9-12), and more than 100 students attended the fair. The fair had a diverse range of programs that catered to students' different interests and career aspirations, including leadership, technology, liberal arts, liberal sciences, community work, robotics, public policy, and many more.

Over 25 organizations and universities participated in the fair, including renowned institutions like Ashoka University, Shiv Nadar University, Flame University, OP JINdal Global University, The Big Red Group, One Young India and many more. The organizations that participated in the fair included eminent universities and organizations and edtech companies.

Programs Offered:
The fair showcased a diverse range of programs, including leadership courses, technology courses, liberal arts and sciences courses, community work, robotics, public policy, and many more. Some of the prominent programs that were offered at the fair include:

Leadership courses: Several universities and organizations offered leadership programs that aimed to enhance students' leadership skills and prepare them for leadership roles in their careers.

Technology courses: Many universities offered technology courses that covered a wide range of topics like coding, web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and more.

Liberal Arts and Sciences courses: Students interested in pursuing courses in liberal arts and sciences had a lot to choose from, with several universities offering a range of courses in different fields like history, literature, philosophy, political science, economics, and dance and many more.

Community work: Some organizations like Tribes for Good offered community work programs that aimed to encourage students to volunteer in their communities and make a positive impact.

Robotics: Many universities offered robotics programs that aimed to teach students the fundamentals of robotics and prepare them for careers in the field.

Public Policy: Several universities and research institutions offered model public policy courses that covered a wide range of topics like environmental policy, social policy, economic policy, and more.

Overall, the summer school fair was a huge success, and it provided students with a valuable opportunity to explore a diverse range of programs and organizations. The fair was informative, engaging, and provided students with insights into the different career paths they could pursue. We hope that this event will inspire our students to pursue their interests and achieve their goals. The list of all the programs that were presented and some more were all compiled and shared with students and parents to deep dive and make an informed choice for the Summer of 2023.

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