Summer Bonanza: Fun under the Sun

What better way to enjoy the last day of school and welcome the Summer break other than having some fun under the sun!! The students of pre-primary had an exciting day participating in the event Summer Bonanza. The highlight of the event was the children in their swimwear, running to wet themselves and play with water, flowing out from the water sprinklers in the middle field.  


A day filled with treats started at Breakfast where the children were served sandwiches and macaroni. After they which they all took turns and participated in the different activities that were planned. These included music and dancing, creating a craft, playing with water from the sprinklers, eating ice cream whilst sitting under umbrellas in the summer sun, getting colourful tattoos painted on their hands and finally a movie with pop-corn and lemonade.


Loving hugs, bye byes and off they went home. Not before saying, “I will miss you ma’am. Happy holidays”.


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