Student Exchange Programme-"The Bridge Programme " Australia

Building bridges across oceans and across cultures!

Four students from Kirwan State High School, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, accompanied by two staff members and a parent, travelled to Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon on 10th Nov. 2019, as a part of a cultural exchange program. The program started because of the Bridge Program initiated by the Australian High Commission in 2017.

During their stay in India, Shiv Nadar School students hosted the Australian students. At school, students collaboratively engaged in an art and a music project. By the end of the week, the Australian students performed a Tarana just before their Farewell Lunch.

Day trips were organized for visitors during the week. Students visited Agra for a day despite the thick smog. They were amused by the story of the declaration of love by the ruler for his wife in whose memory the structure was built. It was a dream come true to see the grand structure and an opportunity to take some memorable pictures in front of it.  On their way back home they practiced the Raag Tarana which was taught to them by our music teacher.

They visited the Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi. The students played Antakshari in Hindi and English during the bus travel. It was lovely to hear the mash-up of Australian English and Bollywood music together. They relished Indian delicacies like chicken tikka masala and gulab jamun.

At Qutub Minar, our Australian visitors playfully made videos with the locals, got themselves clicked with beautiful children with the brightest smiles. They were amazed and enjoyed listening to the history behind Humayun's Tomb and other historical places.

They loved shopping in the local streets. The homestays with the teachers and children gave them an opportunity to get a glimpse of Indian way of life. They loved the colourful environment and zeal.

Exhibits at Anandgram, Sanskriti Kendra also gave them a glimpse of the diversity in textiles and pottery from different parts of India. The visitors returned home on 16th Nov. 2019. Exchange students from Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon will travel to Kirwan State High School in March 2020.

"The Bridge" in reality has kept its name in  building bridges across oceans