Student Council Clubs

Where the online mode may have taken away our socialisation, it has in fact given us the gift of time to increase that socialisation, albeit virtually. Making good use of this “gift Horse” the Student Council in an endeavour to pass on their legacy initiated various interactive Clubs.

  1. The love of reading, an ingrained attitude in the fabric of SNS was introduced as the Middle School Book lovers club, aptly named “The Page Turners”. The students reciprocated enthusiastically, pitching in to create & design the club website. The weekly meetings aimed to make its attendees more confident and provide space for discussion about the books they love.
  2. When words fall short to express the language of the mind, soul and heart, Art helps translate. It is a medium of self-expression, a reflection of one’s beliefs and needs. Students were provided with an opportunity, an outlet for their creative imaginations, by the formation of the “Izhaar Art Zine Cub”.  Bearing in mind the vision of the school to foster creativity, this club is a continuation of the same. The budding artists are offered the freedom to experiment with the medium, genre, stylings and an Izhaar of what makes each one unique.
  3. In continuum to the encouragement of expression, the “Izhaqat, theatre club” was formed. The name is an amalgamation of the Urdu words Izhaar and Nazaaqat, meaning graceful expression. It is a platform providing non-judgmental freedom to discover, explore, hone skills, foster passion and confidence without any inhibitions. Mr. Ankur Saxena (alumnus of NSD), an actor, director and poet, was the first guest speaker invited to address the importance of expressions and voice. The club will try to collaborate for some more workshops with him. The club also has an altruistic expression, and the "Cubs" are exploring options to organize fundraisers and reaching out to old-age homes, orphanages and government schools to help them in these difficult pandemic times.
  4. After Art and Theatre, the next expressionist club is the 8Beats-A Western dance society. The aim was to support and motivate each other into improving on technique and stylings, thus creating a group of passionate performers with the ability to represent the school in various inter-school competitions. The group’s efforts bore fruit in the “Wired 2020”, held by The Heritage School, wherein the team bagged the 2nd prize. The team also anchored a very enjoyable Teacher’s Day workshop.
  5. The Shiv Nadar School is a safe and free space to express and allow the germination of new ideas. The Gender Sexuality Alliance is a club that hopes to start conversations about gender neutrality and open acceptance of sexuality. Earlier the IBDP students had initiated the Gay-Straight Alliance club, taking it forward this year, not only was it renamed but also opened to all the students. The aim of this club is to facilitate activism in form of open discussions without any prejudices to provide a welcoming environment for all the students.

Besides aiding their Teachers in making the InSync competitions a resounding success, the members also extended help to the School Admissions team by conducting the Online School Tours, prior to the commencement of the nursery admissions.

Our Student Council is proving to be valuable partners in our journey in these VUCA times.

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