Student Authors Book Launch

Shiv Nadar School, Noida organised its first ‘Student Authors’ Book Launch. This book launch was an initiative of the parents who are part of the book lovers club. The event was to celebrate our budding authors from each Cohort (Early Years, Primary Years and Middle & Senior School). The purpose of this event was to show appreciation and express pride in our students who have had the courage and zeal to venture into the unknown, who have left their fears behind and turned their passion for the written word into a book.

The Book Launch gave our children a space where they showcased and shared their creative minds and expressed themselves with authenticity and purpose. They shared their journey of writing a book and read excerpts from their book for the audience. The event was also attended by parents who have authored and published books. They were happy to exchange notes with the students, encouraging them to take on their journey as a writer.

The audience had the opportunity to buy signed copies from our budding authors, all proceeds from the sale of books shall help us in setting up collaboration with smaller public libraries, institutions like Teach for India as well as setting up a specially curated reading collection for members of our support staff whose contribution to the everyday running of the school is immeasurable.

Glimpses of the Book Launch