SOUL Fest 2022

SOUL Fest is the culmination of the yearlong journey of our students where they conceptualise, choose their pathways of learning by undertaking personal projects at the beginning of the academic session. This year’s fest marked the decennial year of the school and resonated with our school’s motto ‘Education for Life’.

The Personal Project Programme helps students to appreciate and practice the core values of our institution. Through the Spirit of Unlimited Learning (SOUL) fest, we aim to celebrate every learners' work and give them the opportunity to share their novel ideas with fellow peers, teachers and parents.

This year SOUL Fest saw a unique collaboration, the participation was extended to students across three campuses, wherein the programme endowed students to refine their strengths and explore their potential by undertaking research and innovation-led personal projects. The culmination event took place on the virtual platform for students to showcase their learnings. Parents, teachers and fellow peers were invited to engage through various online exhibition booths. Students also met over the Virtual Networking Café and shared thoughts and views on their personal project. It was a spectacular event put together by the students and the educators and there were a lot of takeaways for both.