Shiv Nadar School's Vibrant Literary Week

Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad, buzzed with literary fervor during the vibrant Literary Week held from 7th to 13th October 2023, where students immersed themselves in an array of captivating activities. The week's highlight included a riveting array of literary pursuits, including Calligram, Cosplay, Treasure Hunt, and more, stimulating a profound appreciation for literature and fostering creative expression. The culminating event was a dazzling spectacle, featuring soul-stirring invocations, captivating soliloquies, and a dynamic medley dance, emphasizing the school's commitment to celebrating linguistic diversity and creative expression.

Thrilling Thursday offered a dose of linguistic fun with Tongue Twisters and Literary Riddles, igniting laughter and promoting camaraderie among participants. The Treasure Hunt, specially designed for students of grades 6–9, was a riveting escapade that not only tested their literary knowledge but also emphasized the significance of teamwork and critical thinking.

Moreover, the Cosplay Fusion event for grades 6–8 provided a platform for students to embody their beloved literary characters, fostering a deeper connection with literature and encouraging creative exploration. The event celebrated the joy of reading, while also nurturing a spirit of creativity and self-expression among the students, creating an enduring impact on their literary journey.


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