Shiv Nadar Noida team securing first position in INSSDC.

The Senior School students of Shiv Nadar Noida team marked a significant achievement, securing first position in the International Space Settlement Design Competition. The STEAM-based challenge offers students an immersive experience, deepening their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and shaping the future generation of engineers, leaders, and professionals. In a simulated professional workplace setting, students take on roles, mentored by industry professionals, to address futuristic aerospace engineering scenarios.

Annually introducing a new design concept with unique requirements, the competition unfolds in four (4) rounds: qualifying, national, regional semi-finals for Asia, and the International finals. In the qualifying round, our team secured the second runners-up position, advancing to the Nationals held in January, 2024, at BML University campus. This year's challenge involved proposing, designing, developing, and operating a space settlement on the moon for lunar surface mining.

The group's remarkable achievement reflects the culmination of efforts, providing our students with a profoundly enriching experience. Anticipating our enthusiastic participation in the upcoming session with great anticipation.