Seed Ball Making Activity

“Sustainability is not just about doing less harm but doing more good.”- Jochen Zeits

As part of ongoing EVS theme for grade two ‘Climate Change’ there have been elaborate discussions about how the world is changing. Learners have been introduced to various case studies to understand the concepts better. In depth discussions on global warming, the impact of climate change while situating it within the concept of interdependence of the world.

As we approach the final week for the theme, the focus shifted to how an individual can create a positive impact. It began with the inspiring stories of Jadav Molai and HCL Harit Upvan Sorkha Project to help our learners realize that change begins from them. The theme followed a ‘Case study’ pedagogy with an intent to create awareness and inspire our little learners to become the climate change advocates. With this vision in mind, the theme concluded with the learners learning to make the seed balls. They understood how the seed balls can help bring in a positive change. But what better way to learn than to get oneself involved into actually creating seed balls!
The learners of grade two made seed balls in the Amphitheatre . A session was led by Ms. Shalini Chhablani to help the learners understand the what and why of seed of balls.
One could see them excited for learning and confidently own their responsibility of doing their bit in bringing the much needed change.


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