School Day at Shiv Nadar University by Physics Society

The Physics Society of Shiv Nadar University organised School Day, where they invited school students to the university. The purpose was to inspire students towards a career in science by showcasing the work done in Physics at the university level. The university students demonstrated many interesting experiments to our students such as the Leidenfrost effect, Non-newtonian fluids, Ultrahydrophobic materials, etc and explained the governing principles. Students then visited the regular and advanced Physics Laboratories where they witnessed complicated equipment such the Vande-Graff Generator, Spectrometer, frictionless- surface, spectroscope, Electron Microscope, etc. The student were thrilled to try their hands on some of these equipments. They were excited towards the subject seeing its varied applications. They also got a feel of the university life, and were oriented towards the different subject choices possible. It was an eventful day and the students returned fulfilled.