Sanskriti Model United Nations

The10th edition of SMUN took the future leaders to various corners of the globe, across various time periods, exploring a multitude of problems and emphasising and refining their crisis management abilities. In a world which is ever engulfed in crises like wars, climate change, refugee influxes, pandemics and economic recessions, delegates were offered an opportunity to traverse through a wide range of committees, from the Council of the Russian Empire to serving as journalists in the UNCA, acting as members of the European Union to the police at Interpol. The delegates and IP members could explore their talents and interests in whichever aspect they wished to through SMUN while at the same time discovering the deeper reservoirs of knowledge within themselves on understanding problems of the modern world through accurate simulations. A three-day-long activity set to produce responsible and aware citizens, also contributed to developing the foundation of an upcoming generation of the country and laying the pillars of a world which respects differences, appreciates innovation and most importantly, understands opinions.


Awards listed below:

1. Rhea Chadha -honourable mention - Journalism

2. Diya Nischal -  honourable mention - Standing Committee on Finance

3. Kamya Malhotra - Outstanding Delegate – UNHRC

4. Krishnav Bansal - Outstanding Delegate - Standing Committee on Finance 

5. Mihika Garg - Roman Senate, Best Position Paper