Ruskin Bond @ Shiv Nadar School ,Gurgaon

Meet the Author-An afternoon with Ruskin Bond

"Reading gives us someplace to go to when we have to stay where we are". - Mason Cooley (American aphorist)

The name is Bond, Ruskin Bond!!! A name that is most known for simple, lovable, delightful, insightful stories. The charm and mystique of Ruskin Bond’s books lie in their easily relatable story and situations with a touch of fantasy and youthful simplicity.

The Senior Library, KoolSkool and Penguin helped organise a “Meet the Author” with Mr Bond which was attended by not only the Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon fraternity but also SNS Noida and The Shriram School Aravali.

Prior to the session, students shared their question, the volume of questions received was a testimony to the excitement and eagerness of the students.

Overcoming writer’s block, source of inspiration, thought process of choosing what to write and advice on how to find your voice and style, were some of the questions that young readers posed.

Mr Bond answered each question with anecdotes giving apt and doable advice. The articulation and thought process of the questions impressed him. 

The webinar was attended by parents, grandparents and students with 800 plus logged in.