Republic Week Celebrations

Among the six core values of Shiv Nadar School are a Sense of Purpose and Responsibility. These are also crucial for citizens of a robust Democracy. As citizens of the world’s largest democracy we must endeavour to protect, preserve and promote democratic values.  

On 26th January, 2023 India will be celebrating its 74 years of being a Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and Sovereign Nation. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Social Science team has curated a range of activities for our students to discover, explore and imbibe the values imparted by the Constitution of India.

The Republic week celebrations started with the Inter House Quiz for grades 6-8. Students were quizzed on questions about the Indian government and politics. The Parliamentary debate on Uniform Civil Code was conducted for Grade 9 and 11. The students learnt the technique of debating in the British Parliamentary style. 

Day Two of the Republic Week Celebrations were kick started with the event Bharat ki khoj, a treasure hunt for grade 6 -8. The students corelated clues about famous personalities, books and concepts from Social Science. This was followed by an I movie competition for grade 6-9 whereby the students exhibited their creativity through short movies on freedom, justice, rights and the Indian constitution.

Day Three of the Republic Week Celebrations engaged our students in Model United Nations (MUN)  and #BeAnAwareCitizen. The students of Grade 9 and 11 faced questions of economic development with special focus on policies around self sufficiency in India through the All India Political parties Meet (AIPPM) model.  Also, students across middle and senior grades were involved in activities and discussions around elections and role of the  Election Commission of India  and rights.  

The Republic week was culminated with great pomp and show. There were colourful tableaus and parade by the grades of 6-9. The states of Assam, West Bengal, Haryana, Tamil Nadu ,Rajasthan, Kerala were proudly showcased by the students. Another tableau showing the achievements of ISRO was also presented. This was followed by gallery walk showcasing various skits, models and presentations. A discussion on 'Long Arm of History' - Relevance of our Colonial History in Modern Times with Mr. Sohail Hashmi. Sohail Hashmi is one of the founding trustees of SAHMAT (The Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust). He has worked with PTI TV, National Literacy Mission, Home TV, BiTV and He has been the Director of ''Leap Years'', a creative activity centre for children. 

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