Recognition by MIT, USA - Heal the World App

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA has recognised Pranet Pahwa and his team as the winner of MIT APP INVENTOR APPATHON FOR GOOD 2021, they have selected their App Heal the world – Recycling Solutions for a better tomorrow as the winner for People Choice Youth team.

HEAL THE WORLD is an endeavour to encourage kids to take up Recycling Goals. The App is a step towards encouraging the people to undo the harm and save our planet.

We are constantly noticing that the Metro-Cities especially in the developing countries are drowning in their own garbage! According to the recent statistics India generates about sixty million tonnes of garbage. Out of this, 45 million tonnes of garbage remain untreated. To put that in other words, this is untreated garbage piled on the three million trucks!! If we go on this rate, then urban India will generate 160.5 million tonnes of garbage per year by 2041.

The objective of  App 'Heal the World' is to bring awareness among children and adults of the countries that are grappling with problems related to recycling and waste management. This aims at sensitizing people to the impending problems related to waste management, to spread awareness in society about this highly important issue, to educate people why we have to think fast and hard about the importance of recycling for sustainable cities, to suggest ways to make recycling easy and practical at a minimum reasonable cost.

The app is divided into 3 sections. 

The first section “Know more” shows us why and how to recycle.

The second section “Have some fun” is a section with two very interesting games and a very relevant quiz which will motivate the users to rethink their lifestyle choices and give their best to adopt recycling goals and take up trash management sincerely.

The third and the last section helps students, community members and the people at large to take part in solving the recycling problem.

The app offers three solutions to make sure that the cities meet their recycling goals. The first solution is when we want to recycle old things like clothes, toys, gadgets, books etc. most of us are unable to find avenues to recycle our used things. Through the App, the users can raise a request on the app and a representative will come to pick up the things which are no longer needed and the representative will further deliver the things to the NGO’s and the NGO’s will further make sure that the things reach the needy people. Once the things have been delivered, the user gets a message and the cycle closes. The second solution is to help people make their kitchen gardens and their own compost and if somebody does not know how to make a compost or a kitchen garden. Again a representative from Heal the world can be reached out to. Once a slot or an appointment is booked, the representative will visit the household and help in setting up the kitchen garden and a compost. The third solution is to help inspire and encourage people to join and volunteer for community cleaning drives.

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(Pls see: People’s Choice Results – Youth Team – Heal the world)

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