Reach One, Teach One initiative - Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon

During the pandemic, technology has been critical in ensuring our uninterrupted access to education. Recognising our positions of privilege, two students from the Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon Student Council spearheaded the Reach One, Teach One initiative. 

This was to provide devices to a group of those closest to them, the Didis and Bhaiyas of the school who have school-going children, some even in Board classes and no devices to facilitate their education. Donations were sought from fellow students, parents and staff of the school. As if to prove Ralph Waldo Emerson right, the Universe gave back that what was set in motion, manifold, in the form of a brand new laptop donation drive, thanks to a parent of our school.

On 9th September 2020, 45 laptops were donated to Didis, Bhaiyas, Guards, Drivers, and Sodexo staff. The joy on their faces as each one carried back with them the most precious commodity of the current time - a device to facilitate their child’s education - was indescribable!

After the distribution of these 45 laptops, our students are further motivated to fundraise and use pledged funds for WiFi hotspots for the recipients - so Phase 2 is well on its way!"


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