From the Principal's Desk - Newsletter

As we move steadily to close the first Term of this academic session, there is a sense of disbelief that we have reached a milestone in online teaching with half a term underway.

We are in the watershed moment in our school life, This Story of Disruption, that unfolds each day, a new chapter of complex challenges that need our attention and innovation, push us to persevere, train, preserve, train. You will recall my first communication to you in April this year, where I said this is a year where characters will be shaped and we, our children, you, us, will together ride the storm, grow in resilience, tenacity and come out stronger.

I know that you are going through some trying times in your lives and have faced the difficult hours to keep the family safe and secure, converting “Wounds to Wisdom” At school, we have spent consistent, long hours to make certain that the synergy between technology, pedagogy and curriculum deepens leading to uninterrupted learning across our grades.

Remote assessments are conducted with trust and integrity, our children take ownership of their learning and evaluation. Today, as some of you may know senior grades start their Half Yearly Examination. I expect you to support and enable them to be honest and diligent.

I am glad to say that the Summative Assessments of grades 6 and 7, the Review Assessments across Primary grades were successfully concluded in partnership with you. As were, several projects, activities, experiments, explorations, converting the homes into learning laboratories.

Our signature program Aha Arts and Sports, seminal events such as Joy of Sharing Month have been revamped and re shaped to suit the tide of times and the needs of children. JOS was student led in the middle and senior school. Students organised debates, discussions and discourses on:

Mental Health, Lockdown Learnings, Equity, Global Citizenship, Poetry and joined Dastangoi to experience the traditional art of storytelling.

 A very special mention to many children who joined our endeavour to raise funds for the support staff in the school by their creations and community service. Their overriding compassion and empathy for ‘others’ and extended school family swells our hearts with pride, making us believe that SNS..ites will always make the school values as their guiding principles in life.

20 students of grades 7 to 9 participated in Amateur Asteroid Discovery Contest in association with International Astronomy Search Collaboration (IASC) and made 23 such discoveries of asteroids that are today named after our school!

12 students are part of the International Space Settlement Design Challenge organised by NASA each year to design a CASSANDARAS, the first fusion-propelled ship that will serve as a cruise liner and transit between Mars and Earth. Students are working on a 40-page report with details of communication, settlement feasibility, and design thinking. 

Design Championship 2020, an event held each year to promote graphic design in school students has been nailed by our young team comprising: Sana Bose, Sahil and Tejas all from grade 6, who are first in the Regional Round and move to the National Round. They competed against 500 teams from NCR and Northern Region. Our Regional Winners in Movie Making were literally few decimal points apart and made an exceptional pitch. Nalin, Akul, Ishika, Vihaan and Aryan have done us proud too.

22 students have signed up for an online experience and learning course on Debating as a Life Skill in association with BEHES. Behes is a well-known Debating organisation in NCR and teaches the intricacies of argument, discussion, point-counterpoint, persuasion and more.

These are few examples of how our children are learning and growing. Many have done independent courses and upskilled themselves, pursued their hobbies and discovered new facets of themselves. All have been the best sons and daughters their parents could have ever wished for.

You will be glad to know that the school is partially throbbing to life with some of us in the premises last month and more. The Government advisory now allows senior students, grade 9 and 10 to visit the campus to clear doubts or seek extra help. In case you would like your ward to come, let us (Admin Head and me) know in advance and we will make arrangements accordingly.

We are also in the midst of a hectic admission process for Nursery to grade 5 for session 2021-22 and interactions with aspiring parents are underway.

You will be glad to know that we have factored in a term end break for students and all teachers at the end of the first term. The Break is from 1st Oct to 7th Oct, 2020.

It’s the time to revive and rejuvenate. To enjoy reading and playing in any form one can. Be unfettered of log in times and screen fatigue. I hope you will make sure that children spend it gainfully and get enough time to relax and rest. As must you. The classes will resume on 8th Oct and the new term will begin on 12th October.

I would like to believe, that these extraordinary times have cemented our parent partnership relationship, made it stronger. Qualities of understanding and empathy have deepened our relationship which was always based on trust and mutual respect. This interplay of life and learning will not be easily forgotten. As educators we choose each day to better ourselves and look to the future with hope and courage.  “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”, in words of Socrates.

Feel free to write into me your thoughts and views. Stay Safe, Healthy, Happy.

Best Regards

Anju Wal

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