From the Principal's Desk - 16th July

I am reminded of the beautiful song by Simon and Garfunkel- 'Bridge over Troubled Waters',as I reflect over our roles in the present situation.

We strive to be the bridge of love, care, and connection for our children in these trying times, and do our best to ease their distress or be that iridescent ray of hope.

Do listen to the song, it remains the iconic soulful rendition of hope.

Let me sum up for you how the last few weeks have been.

Board Results 2020

I am delighted to share with you the superlative results of our Gurgaon and Noida campus.

Grade 12 (2 nd Batch)

Noida Campus Topper 99.75%

Class Average Noida 90.2%

Gurgaon Campus Topper 98.75%

Class Average Gurgaon 88.19%

Grade 10  (3 rd Batch)

Noida Campus Topper 98.2%

Class Average 89.4%

Gurgaon Campus Topper 97.6%

Class Average   87.47%

We are immensely proud of our diligent, hardworking teams in the twin schools.

Pastoral Care

We have created two Pastoral Care Groups, one for Primary and the other for Middle and Senior School.

Teachers who comprise both groups have been thoughtfully selected and coached to enable and support the 2 counsellors in the school.

These two different groups of teachers will be the first point of contact for the children seeking help, a conversation, expression of stress or low moods and such like. They are what I would like to call the Psychological First Aid Group. They will report into the Counsellors who report into me.

The Pastoral Groups will be headed by the Counsellors, Tatiana Atreyeva (Primary), Manisha Massey (Middle/Senior).

That does not in any way mean that if a child/parent wants to reach out to the counsellor directly, they cannot. Yes, they can when the problem/concern is serious.

Please know that the Pastoral Group is not to address academic or curriculum/online time table related concerns. As the name suggests they are for care and comfort.

The home teachers will soon be sharing the concept note of their roles and responsibilities along with their names and ids with you.

Joy of Sharing Weeks

Each Year in the week of 14th July we start the Joy of Sharing Week. It is an unmissable date for us, the Birthday of our Founder, Mr Shiv Nadar. The week is celebrated to instil in our children the essence and significance of Sharing.

Sharing a service, sharing knowledge, sharing in abundance, sharing unconditionally and experiencing the sense of joy that fills the heart.

The date, 14th July, also reminds each child that he proudly carries the name of his Founder, the person whose life story is the stuff that legends are made of, an inspiration for the children, teachers, parents for many lifetimes to come.

You must have received the schedule of the JOS week from the home teachers. Join in the webinars of dance, music, stories, Dastan e Gohi, mental health and more.


We are in the midst of Assessments for grades 6 to 10. I am glad that we have a more refined online model in the second round of assessments this year. Our children are nothing short of heroic, adapting to innumerable changes, coping with uncertainty, anxiety, and displaying unmatchable resilience and grit to get past the challenges.

My best wishes to you.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Afloat.

Best Regards

Anju Wal


Shiv Nadar School


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