Parents' Athletic Meet '23: Fitness, Good Health and Endurance

The School’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that sports are an integral part of our culture and it is our continuous endeavour to inspire our various stakeholders in the direction of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, our Parents’ Athletic Meet of 2023 of Shiv Nadar School at Faridabad campus was held on 4th March Saturday at the school sports ground. It was a fun-filled event showcasing various physical activities. It was heartening to see parents across age groups actively engaging in the games and participating in various track and field events, and competing against each other.

The event began with an inaugural address to the audience by our Director Principal Mrs Anju Wal in which the benefits of physical activity and healthy living were promoted expressing the significance of a good physical lifestyle that can inspire students to follow in their footsteps leading to a more active and healthier community. Her presence added to the excitement and enthusiasm of the parental unit and encouraged them to give their best performance.

The parents’ participated in various events such as the 1500-meter race, 400-meter race, 200-meter race, 100-meter race, long jump, and shot put followed by team sports such as Squash and Basketball. The participants displayed their skills and sportsmanship throughout the event, and the spectators cheered them on, creating a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The highlight of the event was the relay race, in which four teams competed against each other. The race was closely contested, with each team giving their best to win the race.

In conclusion, the sports meet had a favourable outcome, with the parental community displaying their skills, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm. The event provided a platform for parents to showcase their talents, build camaraderie, and foster a sense of healthy competition. Also bringing together people from different cultures & background. The school authorities and staff deserve special thanks for organizing and managing the event successfully. We look forward to the next sports meet with great anticipation.

A Gilmpse of the event: 

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