Outbound Learning Experience - Grades IX, XI and XII

Every OLE pushes the boundaries of our comfort zone, provides various experiences of art, culture and adventure, engage in community service and helps students discover themselves and expand their horizons.

OLE at the Shiv Nadar School is yet another means to realise our vision.

Grade IX – Khajurao, Panna

The students of grade IX, Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon went for their Outbound Learning Experience to Khajurao, Orchha and Panna.

The School Visit

The students went to the local Government School to help them with various meaningful tasks of reconstruction, beautifying and cleaning drive of the school. The students formed mixed groups with a few children from SNS and a few from the local school and were assigned tasks such as painting the doors and blackboards, making posters on environment and cleaning the school surroundings. The students of Shiv Nadar School bonded well and worked hand in hand with the local school children for the successful completion of the activities. It was an amazing learning and humbling experience for all students.

Exploring Khajurao Temples

The visit to the famous and majestic temples of Khajurao made the students aware of the rich cultural diversity of the Chandela Dynasty. The temples’ intricate and carefully crafted sculptures with the help of the local guides explanations brought alive the magic of the yesteryears and the progressive society that India had.

In the evening, students went for the light and sound show, which showcased the colourful history of the kings of Khajurao and the alluring temples. It was a day full of activities and abundant historical information about the world-famous Khajurao temples.

Diamond Mines of Panna

Students visited the Diamond Mines at Panna. They viewed the end product of the mining and learnt about the three types of diamonds- industrial, cheap jewellery and expensive gems. They saw the actual mines and learnt about the process of mining with the help of an experienced official at the site.

On the way to the Safari, the group stopped at the beautiful and serene Pandava Falls where they learnt about the history and myths surrounding the waterfall. It was a treat to be in the calming lap of nature!

The Search for the Tiger

The students were divided into groups for the safari in the Panna Tiger Reserve. They sighted a plethora of animals like deer, crocodiles, wild boars,neelgai, many different species of birds to name a few… Unfortunately, none of the groups could spot a tiger!

After the safari, the students returned to the hotel and assembled in a hall to write reflections after dinner which was followed by the power-packed DJ night, where all danced to their heart's content.

Visit to Orchha Forts

Students visited the famous forts of Orchha- Jahangir Mahal and Raja Mahal, which were an excellent amalgamation of Hindu and Mughal architecture. They also visited the Chaturbhuj temple and the famous Vishwanath Temple adjacent to the fort. The visit was made more enriching with the help of the historical facts added by the well-informed guides with the groups.

The Talent Hunt

The evening after the visit to the fort and temple was the most awaited Talent Hunt. Students discovered a variety of hidden talents of their friends; it was an unforgettable, amazing evening full of fun, creativity and excitement.

The five-day Outbound Learning Experience to Khajorao, Panna and Orchha was memorable and an enriching experience that helped in developing life skills and camaraderie amongst students.


Grade XI - A formidable trek to the Beas Kund

Intimidating! Challenging! Daunting! Few words that describe the trek undertaken by our grade XIs.

This year, the 11th-grade students went to Beas Kund for their Outbound Learning Experience. After a 17-hour journey to Manali, the students enjoyed food and basked in the sun on the first and last day and took a 2-hour acclimatization walk.

The next morning, the students started their journey to the base camp. It took about 3 hours to reach the base camp and it was challenging to go uphill whilst carrying the heavy rucksacks. Nevertheless, the excited students made their way through the rocky terrain, mud and little water streams and arrived at the base camp. That night, all the students had to collect firewood for the bonfire and cook for all the inhabitants of the camp. In the words of a student. “It was a different experience altogether, my group even cut vegetables with a box cutter and a Swiss Army knife.”

On the third day, they started their trek to Beas Kund. They crossed a 75-degree gradient hill and a vast moraine to reach the Beas Kund, which took about 5 hours. The breath-taking views the sense of achievement and the bonhomie along the war warmed the hearts of the students and spurred them on. Students took a one-hour break to rest at the Kund before making their way back down to the base camp. That night, everyone slept very soundly. The trip was filled with adventure, fun, self-reflection and new experiences and it was a very memorable trip for all students.

Grade XII

Puducherry Trip

A four-day long school trip was organised during the Dussehra break to Pondicherry and Auroville for grade XIIth. It was a fun-filled trip where the students bonded and got to know each other better to keep and enhance their ties for life as they move out of the comfort of the secure environment - their school. On the first day, the students went for a heritage walk around Pondicherry. This gave us an insight into the French influence on the architecture and lifestyle in Pondicherry. They enjoyed the promenade and the beach. They went to Auroville the next day where they were introduced the Mother's ideology with the help of a short documentary. They visited the Matri Mandir, played antakshari and enjoyed the ambience of Auroville. On the last day, students engaged in a basket-making workshop with the local artisans and not only were they excited to learn a new art form but understood and appreciated the effort and time invested in making handicraft products. Students visited the Sound Park where there were unique instruments combining physics and music. It was aesthetically done students tried each piece of instrument. Next, the students visited a Bamboo Centre and engaged in toy making, jewellery making and instrument making. At night, local instrumentalists entertained the students and some students played along.