Outbound Learning Experience - Grades IV and V

Grade IV - Jaipur

So near yet so far! For our young ones,  Jaipur gave them the wings to fly!

The batch of Grade IV, (2019 – 20) has been the first one to go for an Outbound Learning Experience, and no words can do justice to the experience the children gained out of it.

Students and their mentors visited Jaipur. Their afternoon began with a sumptuous lunch. Post lunch the team proceeded for a blue pottery and block-printing workshop at Sanganer. The mentors present at the workshop helped the students understand the process of each of these skills. Not only were they made to understand the process, the children also tried their hands at it. We made our way across town to reach Amer fort to listen to the melodious lilting music, baritone voices, amidst the thunderous roar of Rajasthan's rich history, announcing itself to all present. The lights added a quixotic atmosphere to an already emotional presentation.

Jantar Mantar, where the children got a deeper understanding of the science behind the sundial. They were involved in making their own sun dial using a compass rose and learnt how to read the time on the sundial after creating their own sun dials. They were exposed to the rich heritage & culture of Rajasthan through their visit to the city museum. They witnessed some amazing facts about the creation of Pink city.

Our young learners returned enriched with experience and wonderful stories to share with each other about how beautiful our trip was.

We all revelled in the ethereal beauty of it all sitting under the stars right in the lap of lofty Aravallis, who would have added to the story themselves if they could speak.

Grade V - Amritsar and Jalandhar

Grade V students Amritsar visited the North Indian cities, Amritsar and Jalandhar on their Out Bound Trip. The theme of this journey was Unity & Division. The visit to Amritsar helped the students understand the partition-era and opened their eyes and hearts to new ways of understanding society. They visited Jallianwala Bagh, the holy shrine, Golden Temple and the War Memorial Museum, which highlights the fabulous Brave-hearts of Punjab.

The Pushpa Gujral Science City in Jalandhar gave the students an opportunity to review the history of humankind. The students enjoyed the various shows and the galleries they visited. 

This journey was a good combination of fun, amusement and education. All the activities were highly interactive and energetic. Students explored their surroundings as much as possible and creatively utilized that information to create content for the special edition newsletter.

Students engaged in various fun, interesting and educational activities throughout the journey.