At Shiv Nadar School, we will provide students an environment that challenges them into discovering their talent and skills. We will inspire the joy of learning by fostering a culture of creativity. Our students will be ethical, respectful, happy and purposeful citizens of society.

Our Values

At Shiv Nadar School, we believe in and abide by a set of core values that reflect in, and govern every action of ours.

  • Integrity

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Respect and Compassion

  • Sense of Purpose and Responsibility

  • Openness and Transparency

  • Commitment to Excellence

Our Pillars

The enablers which support all endeavours at Shiv Nadar School

  • Value


    A strong value driven culture is imbibed by our members of the staff and student body alike. Our Core Values govern and reflect in all our actions.

  • Curriculum


    The school program gives students the opportunity to discover their unique aptitudes and skills. In addition to academic learning, the curriculum lays emphasis on development of strength of character, ethical values and life skills through social and emotional learning programs.

  • Teachers


    Teachers play the most important role in a child's education. Not only do we ensure that we recruit the most able candidates through a rigorous selection process, we invest thoroughly in training and development programs for our teachers to ensure that their professional and personal growth receives continuous attention.

  • Technology


    We constantly strive to ensure that technological intervention, both as an academic program and as an enabler, is in tune with the needs of tomorrow.

  • Parents


    Partnership with parents is a key element in our vision of delivering the best and most innovative practices in education. Their feedback and participation adds value to our existence as an institution.