Our Online Stars - Three Cheers!

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In these unprecedented and uncharted times, we are proud to announce that our students have shown great resilience and fortitude. They continue with their studies and co-curricular activities as per schedule.

Keeping the Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon flag high at various competitions were the following achievements:

I) At the HXLS Club Fest:

      Best School - Shiv Nadar School

  1. 1st prize, XDebate: Abhimanyu Rao, Gr.9.
  2. 1st prize, Slam Poetry: Sanah Bhatia, Gr.9.
  3. 1st prize, Slam Poetry (2nd category): Akkshansh Bagga, Gr.10.
  4. 1st prize, Art Competition: Siyaa Moni Gulati, Gr.9.
  5. 2nd prize, Nazariya, Social Impact Comic Designing: Rushil Yadav, Gr.9.
  6. 2nd prize, SpeakX: Agastya Rao, Gr9.
  7. 3rd prize, Nautanki: Madhuakshi Mehta & Bahaar Dingra, Gr.10.


II) At the Crescendo,Western Music InterSchool Competition, held at the Amity School, Mayur Vihar;

  1. 1st prize in Solo Singing: Kriti Chatterjee, Gr.12.
  2. 1st prize for Best Lyrics, Original Composition: Antara Pande, Gr.12.
  3. 2nd prize in Solo Instrumental (Piano): Steve James, Gr.11.



III) At the Digital Comic Strip, Art Competition organised at the Lancer Intl. School; 3rd prize to Arjun Bindra, Gr.7.


IV) At the Le Combat des Genres', French Competition by Sorobrain; 1st on the Leader Board to Naisha Arora, Gr.10.


V) At the Design Championship; 1st prize in the Game Design category (regional level) to Devasya Sharma, Gr.8.


VI) At the International Designing Olympiad, Design Derivatives; 2nd prize to Shivank Wadhwa, Gr. 6.


VII) At the Kaafila, Spirit of Freedom - Art competition; 2nd prize to Khushi Soni, Gr.10.


VIII) At the Energy Boot Camp, an Intra-SNS competition;

  1. 1st prize, Poster making competition: Shreya Gupta, Gr.12.
  2. 2nd prize, Poster making competition: Krishvi Kohli, Gr.12.
  3. 2nd prize, Stopmotion movie: Azura Lal, Gr.6.

IX) At the ‘Anandotsava’, organised by St. Paul George Intl. School;

  1. 1st Prize in Indian Classical-Solo Instrumental-Violin: Vyoma Lal, Gr. 9.
  2. 1st Prize in Western Vocals-Solo Singing: Anwita Ganesh, Gr. 9.
  3. 2nd Prize in Western Solo Instrumental (Keyboard): Sparsh Jha, Gr. 10.
  4. 2nd Prize in Indian Classical Vocals-Solo Singing (Bhajan): Twisha Nahar, Gr. 4.
  5. 2nd Prize in Patriotic Song Solo Instrumental: Gia Ganesh, Gr. 4.

X) Not all, competitions were won by students, Ms.Kanchan Bhagwat, SEN counsellor. She was a semi-finalist (top 16) in the “Qnow it all”, the world Teacher's quiz.

Kudos to all the prize winners and participants, and their Teacher-Mentors.