Nurturing Diplomacy and Advocacy: Reflecting on SNSFMUN 2023

The Fourth Edition of the Shiv Nadar School Faridabad Model United Nations Conference, in association with Alma College, Michigan, continues to allow our young delegates to consider and deliberate on conflicting and diverse ideas, broaden their horizons, and push the boundaries of thought and knowledge.

In a world marked by diversity, progress, and interconnectedness, the concept of human rights stands as a cornerstone of justice and equality. Human rights are the pivot of human dignity. 

In our committees at Shiv Nadar School Faridabad Model United Nations 023, we encourage dialogue and critical thinking to promote awareness and understanding of human rights issues. The three-week-long training sessions that will culminate on August 4ā€“5, 2023, will always remain with the student participants and continue to play a role in their dialogues on relevant platforms.

As the Secretariat, it has been a learning experience for us, keeping in mind the diversity of tasks, managing our personal schedules, and liaising with the international interns vis-Ć -vis the delegates, both from our school as well as outside. We have become adept at website design, managing social media platforms, answering numerous queries, and making decisions that we never thought we could. We have been heard. And we hope to instill this feeling in everyone involved in this experiential journey called SNSFMUN ā€˜23.




It was an honor to witness young delegates engaged in diplomatic discussions and negotiations during the 4th Edition of Shiv Nadar School Faridabad Model United Nations, held on August 4th and 5th in collaboration with Alma College in Michigan, USA. The Conference encouraged dialogue and critical thinking in the committees to raise awareness and understanding of human rights issues. Over 200 delegates from schools all over Delhi NCR engaged in five committees - UNEA, UNHCR, UNCSW, WHO, and UNICEF - chaired by 18 interns from Alma College.


The first day began with the opening ceremony, which featured a mesmerising rendition by our junior school choir. This was followed by speeches by Professor Derrick Hulme and Anju Ma'am, our Director Principal. In their speeches, they emphasized the significance of youth advocacy and how the time to act is now. It is up to the youth to alter history and bring about change.


Throughout the conference, the delegates deliberated and found solutions to various topics in committees. From bridging the digital gender divide to addressing medical needs in the post-covid-19 world to protecting child refugees, no issue went unsolved!

The culmination was a gala event, with awards announcements interspersed with speeche by the Head Intern, Chloe Pace, and Vote of Thanks by Charge dā€™ Affairs Rehat Bazral, and performance by the school choir. The social was a glittering affair kicked off by peppy numbers by the school band. With immense satisfaction and heartfelt gratitude towards all those who made SNSFMUN 23 a reality, the Secretariat would like to sign off to rest on its laurels and get back to the academic grindstone.

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