Learning Walk – Year 3-5 – 17th May 2019

Students of Year 3 presented their learning journey of Unit 1, 'Working Together' by participating in a learning walk. The key focus this year is ‘Student Voice and Choice’. Students were provided with various opportunities to express their thoughts and make choices. The design of the learning walk showcased how each learner took charge of his or her own learning and presented it to their parents and visitors with utmost pride.

Under the theme ‘Water’, students of Grade 4 culminated their understanding of the unit through creative, hands on activities and informative displays. The boards showcased the students’ work and solutions presented by them.

As a part of the culmination of the EVS theme- ‘Communication’, students of Grade 5 prepared the learning walk to explain the conceptual understanding to their parents. Students displayed their learning through newsletters, advertisements using persuasive strategies and a letter writing session with their parents.