Night - In - Grades 3 to 5

Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad organized a Night-In for the students of grades 3 to 5 on 4th November 2022 in a safe and protected environment. Through exposure to such experiences, our children are able to develop life skills, build stamina, endurance and a sense of independence, while exploring various activities.

For this batch, it was the first sleepover in school and everyone was filled with high levels of energy and enthusiasm. 

On 4th, children had their regular classes till 3 pm, after which they participated in some fun-filled activities such as Sports, paper crafts, dance, fun games etc. For grade 3 students, as a part of their current EVS theme, ‘Solar System’, we had planned a sky gazing activity which was led by the ‘WE the Wonder Explorers’ team.   

Amidst the activities, children got to enjoy sumptuous snacks and dinner. Moving to the South block with our luggage on school buses and sleeping in the classrooms there was a different experience altogether. Children were comforted throughout by the presence of teachers, didis and admin staff. Despite exhaustion, they merrily spent some ‘Me Time’ in the rooms, playing board games with their friends and sharing stories with each other.

The morning was a cool and pleasant one. We all woke up with big smiles and devoured some alloo paranthas and milk followed by a group photograph.

Our young learners took stock of their belongings and packed their bags independently before they were handed over to their guardians. 

It was indeed an extremely fulfilling and memorable experience for students and teachers alike. The bonds they have been able to build with each other and teachers will be cherished forever !!

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