Newsletter from the Principal's Desk...Closing the Year

Dear Parent

The year has been phenomenal, unpredictable and extraordinary in every sense. I remember writing to you at the beginning of the session in April 2020, where I quoted Lenin, 'There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen',  describing the revolution of a 100 years ago. His words deftly encapsulated the situation in the world at the dawn of 2020 and continue to pulsate in our lives.

The structural and strategic changes we have witnessed in Education in this last one year have been remarkable. What stands out most is that we have much to be thankful for. 

Our children are blessed to be in homes that have a stockpile of supplies, secure, loving environs, digital devices, uninterrupted internet, a clear pathway and possibility to continue their learning that has saved them from a ruinous gap year, which is the unfortunate destiny of many children in our country; children who lost out on learning, reading, schooling, and above all lost their childhood.

I feel compelled to write this in my year end letter to you, it is imperative that our children count their blessings and focus on the gains of the year than the gaps. It is important they remain grateful and humble. It is crucial. you'll agree, that they remember how privileged and fortunate they are.

The year has built immense reservoirs of patience and resilience in us all. Children have become more self reliant. empathetic and displayed a maturity that defies their young years. 

Every child has been heroic in his/her endeavours and adapted to a novel way of living, learning, evolving. 

Whilst all children have scaled many mountains in this year, I am happy to share with you certain defining accomplishments of the year gone by.

Click on the links and savour the Faridabad SNS  journey from Disruption to Consolidation. - Student Accomplishments  


I will write to you again, soon, to welcome you to the new session which promises to have it's own share of ambiguities and uncertainties.


With my Prayers for you and your families & Best Regards

Anju Wal


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