New Parent Orientation 2024 2025

The essence of the orientation session radiated warmth as we welcomed not just parents from Foundation Years and Nursery but also those from all grades. This special gathering provided a unique opportunity to engage with our Senior Leadership, weaving together threads of connection, shared vision, and cherished values to foster enduring relationships with our parents.

 A heartfelt welcome, the session set the stage for an enriching exploration of the overarching philosophy and ethos of the Shiv Nadar Foundation. We delved into the foundation's rich history in education, painting a narrative deeply rooted in the spirit of growth and learning.

Amidst the vibrant exchange, we shared insights into our esteemed Parent Partnership program, spotlighting the deep bond and collaboration between the school and our parent community. At Shiv Nadar School, we hold our parents in high regard, recognizing them as invaluable ambassadors anpartners in realizing our shared vision