New Parent Orientation 2024-2025

An orientation session unfolded for our new parents of Foundation Years and Nursery. The session was held to provide a unique platform to interact with the Senior Leadership. The session is a tapestry of connection, vision, and values, which is designed to establish a profound and lasting relationship with parents.

The session commenced with a warm welcome, setting the tone for a shared exploration of the Shiv Nadar Foundation's overarching philosophy and ethos. Delving into the foundation's evolution in the field of education, a narrative that resonates with the spirit of growth and learning.

A glimpse of the Parent Partnership program was shared with the new parents, which is a testament to the bond and association between the school and the parent community. Emphasizing that at Shiv Nadar School, the parents are valued as ambassadors and spokespersons through a shared vision.

Glimpes of Orientation