"Literature speaks the language of imagination..." - Northrop Frye

It is said that language and literature opens the door of imagination and allows us to discover the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

The ‘Literary Week’ in grades 3-5 was organised from 11th to 15th September to foster love and appreciation of literature and language. Children engaged in a wide range of activities with tremendous energy and zest through the week. Hindi Diwas was also marked on the 14th of September, all the students participated in various interesting activities throughout this week.

The week kick-started with ‘Adjective Bonanza’ across grades 3 to 5. Children brought T-shirts and wrote adjectives on each other’s T-shirts describing each other in Hindi and English. The energy and vibe was positive and zealous as students sported those T-shirts proudly the entire day.

Grade 3 students engaged in enjoyable tongue twisters, which served as an introduction to the concept of alliteration. They participated in another captivating activity, they were provided with chits containing sentences in which alliteration was intentionally scrambled. The students' task was to rearrange these chits to construct coherent and meaningful sentences. The students were involved in the creation of their own alliterative sentences, incorporating adjectives. Students learnt the elements of a story in Hindi, wrote their own stories and presented them in groups. It was an intense and engaging exercise for them.


Grade 4’s theme was ‘comics’, children engaged in understanding the entire process of creating one. They studied several comic strips to elicit and gain an understanding of its elements such as panels, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, gutter, the kind of language used in a strip etc. The comic strip they finally created reflected their thought process and clear understanding. Word games like crosswords, riddles spread throughout the week further helped in enhancing their love for the language. They created stories based on ‘dohas’ by making colourful comic strips digitally to present their stories.

Grade 5 centred around the theme of self-composed poetry and poem recitation both in Hindi and English. The week aimed to not only deepen the students' understanding of poetry but also enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. Students embarked on their poetic journey by presenting the poems they had been assigned. It was heartening to witness students engaging with different perspectives on the poems, showcasing their budding analytical skills and interpretations. As the literary week progressed, the focus shifted to refining the students' recitation skills. Students were tasked with composing the final draft of own poems, utilizing the poetic devices they had learned throughout the week.

The week culminated with a Cos Play wherein children dressed up as their favourite characters and spoke about them. The corridors in the primary wing were bustling with the creative and vibrant displays of the children and with the enthusiastic children themselves as they hopped from one counter to another to see each other’s work. Students recited poems, their hard work and dedication was commendable.

It was a week of learning, fun and reflection!!!

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