Literary Week- Middle and Senior School, SNS Faridabad

Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad organized a Literary week from the 24th to the 31st of January, 2022. Middle school (Grades 6-8) marked the event with an array of activities that catered to nurture love and appreciation for literature, boost creativity, and  inculcate a reading habit in the students.

The week kicked off with ‘Musings under the Sun’, a lively session curated to bring out the creator in you. Students found a cozy spot and enjoyed free style writing, composing poems, painting, sketching and doodling on various themes. Grade 8 also had the opportunity to attend the interactive session ‘In conversation with Anju Ma’am’, wherein she spoke about her love for reading and discussed her favourite books. The insightful and engaging session inspired many to take up reading.

The activity of the following day was ‘Book Cover Design’ where students designed book covers of their own choice. Students across Middle school immersed in the process of designing covers, some of which were a re-thinking and some completely original in essence.

Story Dice, the final activity of the week, was a novel experience for the students. In groups, they rolled the dice and brainstormed the prompts to weave beautiful and interesting stories.

One of the activities taken up in the senior school was Twitter tales. In Twitter Tales, one needs to compose a story within 280 characters, including spaces ,with a  beginning and an ending. It surely unleashed the creativity and a new generation of twiterratti was born.



Grade 11 learnt how to write Haiku poetry when Ishaani ma’am and Mitu ma’am took a session with them. Haiku poetry is an entire poem in three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Many eleventh graders were inspired to write Haiku poetry and also did haiku jam on an app for Haiku. They shared their haiku poems and enjoyed thoroughly.                                                                                                                                        

Slam poetry was organised in grades 9-11 on Day 3 of literary week. It is a genre of performance poetry that is currently trending, and it lets the poet bring out the angst within. The students wrote laudable poems and read them out aloud in front of their peers.

The culmination of the literary fest – Sahitya Kaafila was organised on 31st January.

None other than Shakespeare said “Literature is the comprehensive essence of the intellectual life of a nation.” This holds so true for a country with so much diversity, especially when it comes to languages. Each language has a rich literature, which we showcased in Sahitya Kaafila. The Kaafila was the journey traversed with the evolution of languages through a variety of literature pieces not only pan India but also from other corners of the world. The students picked up pieces from literature of different languages and gave a rendition in that language. The languages ranged from Bengali, Assamese to Urdu and foreign languages such as French, German and Russian also mesmerized the audience.

It was indeed a worthy culmination to a week-long indulgence in literature and the love for literature.

The literary week was a great opportunity to provide a window to the students’ minds and open the doors of their hearts!

A festival for promoting the love for literature, the Literary week, with its plethora of activities was truly an enriching experience for the students.

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