Literary Week Grades 2 to 5

Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad observed Literary Week with an array of activites through the week from 16th September to 20th September, 2019. Literary Week is observed each year to ignite and fuel interest in reading, creative writing, etc.

Grade 2

Grade 2, this year, explored a world of fairy tales, fables and folk tales. Besides being entertained, the children were exposed to a variety of different characters. Shattering the conventions, these little ones also wrote their own creative stories and poems and illustrated them beautifully.

The Literary Week was culminated with a ‘Cosplay’, where our little ones came in dressed as their favourite character. The performance was grand and lively with few handmade props for some vivacious characters. The corridor was filled with smiling faces and laughter, and, saw many characters come to life!


Grade 3

Celebrating Comics 

Grade 3 celebrated the Literary Week by exploring a new yet familiar genre of literary writing: Comics. Tied with the chapter Florence Nightingale, the students explored the form of comics beyond the text. A discussion on the relevance of comics in today's age sparked the conversation among peers - the responses ranged from comic as an easy to read medium of taking in information to its versatility as visual art. The children made their own comics illustrating stories about their pet, the latest supervillain Thanos and some even explored Panchtantra-esque themes. Well-illustrated and drafted, the comics were presented on the day of culmination in a learning walk among grades. Peer-learning was evidenced as children spoke to each other about panels, gutters, speech bubbles. The excitement in the air was palpable as our little authors and illustrators proudly presented their work. 

Grade 4

"The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”

The crescendo was reached of the truly inspirational literary week where grade 4 exhibited the art of storytelling and grade 5 presented their poems. Throughout these 7 days, our children delved deep into the literary masterpieces- Kaabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore (Grade 4) and The Chimney Sweepers by William Blake (Grade 5).

The culmination started with an exhilarating storytelling session by the students of grade 4. It was a matter of joy to witness our 10-year-old children perform! They spoke fluently, with appropriate tone, intonation and voice modulation! All the characters came alive...the hunter, the grandma, Red Riding Hood, the wizard! 

Right after the performance, the poem gallery was inaugurated where the students presented the drafts through which the final bound book of poetry was brought together, piece by piece, after several drafts. After all, the journey was as important as the destination! The bound book of poems written by Grade 5 was presented to Ms. Wal. It will be available in the library soon. 

Grade 5

Literary week was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm from 16 th to 20 th September. Grade 5 chose the theme of ‘poetry’ to kindle the love of poetry in young minds. The journey began with the understanding of ‘Chimney sweeper’, a poem by William Blake. Thereafter they composed poems on social issues. After a couple of drafts, the final poems were compiled into a poem book. Principal, ShivNadar School Faridabad, Ms. Anju Wal, inaugurated the poem book in the ‘poem café’ organized to culminate the literary week.