Light, camera and action - Symphony & Expression

Taking an independent decision of making a choice to either act, sing or dance, weeks of practice and patience and holding the excitement to wear colourful props and costumes on the stage, students of nursery and KG put up a spectacular show in front of the audiences. The annual production “Symphony and Expressions- Toy story” was planned for nursery and kindergarten students to give them a platform to exhibit their talent and feel confident and proud of the choice they made while picking up a basket for themselves and to celebrate the festivity in the air. Despite extreme weather conditions our little ones enthusiastically attended all the practice sessions. Not only that, they took another baby step in the course of their school life by staying back in school for longer hours for the first time ever. In Kindergarten from each section, students were divided into 3 baskets comprising dance, music, and theatre. Students were made to practice for days before the final show during zero periods.

Nursery presented the beginning part of the story through dance numbers and melodious singing with parts of small theatre presentations. Students were able to capture everybody’s attention on stage by performing each act with confidence and vigor.