Kaafila 2023: Celebrating Success and Learning Through Art

Kaafila 2023, a three-day extravaganza of artistic expression and talent, has drawn to a close, leaving behind a trail of enriching experiences and valuable learnings for the participating students. The event witnessed active participation from numerous students who showcased their creative prowess in various disciplines. This event not only provided a platform for students to exhibit their artistic abilities but also enabled them to reflect upon their journey, fostering growth and development beyond the artistic realm.

Enriching Journey

The journey of Kaafila 2023 was an immersive experience that spanned the realms of preparation, performance, and reflection. The students dedicated their time and efforts to rehearsing, refining, and perfecting their artistic expressions. As they took to the stage to showcase their talents, they demonstrated a remarkable display of dedication, teamwork, and skill. The process of performing in front of an audience was an empowering experience that helped build their confidence and stage presence.

Impact on Learning

The true essence of Kaafila 2023 lies not only in the performances themselves but also in the profound impact it has on the students' overall learning. The learnings from Kaafila are expected to permeate various aspects of the students' academic and personal lives, contributing to their holistic development. The skills acquired during the preparation and performance phases, such as discipline, time management, collaboration, and creativity, are anticipated to manifest in their future endeavors.


Expressing Gratitude

A heartfelt expression of gratitude is extended to all the teachers who played an integral role in making Kaafila 2023 a resounding success. Whether by actively engaging in artistic creation with the students, offering guidance throughout the journey, or accommodating practice sessions within the academic schedule, the teachers' dedication and support were instrumental in bringing the magic of Kaafila to life. Their commitment ensured that the students could strike a balance between their artistic pursuits and academic responsibilities.

Celebrating Achievements

Kaafila 2023 witnessed remarkable achievements across various categories, showcasing the diverse talents of the participating students. Some notable accomplishments include:

Mixed Media

Delphea Tanwar 10 Corbett

Shaivi Jain: 10 Gir  


Indian Classical Music : 1st Prize

Dia Byju

Ishika Pannu

Avi Saraf

Parth Sharma

Soham Mishra

Tarishee Varshney

Tanishka Singhal

Katyaayan Anubhav

Instrumental Recital

Vihaan Garg

Krishay Chadda


Theatre One Act Play : Best Play

- Suyash Srivastava (11 - Gir)

- Akshay Bhatia (12 - Corbett)

- Khushi Gulati (9 - Gir)

- Samanvi (10 - Sariska)

- Mehak Dudeja (10 - Sariska)

- Khushi Bahl (10 - Sariska)

- Ranbeer Nambiar (10 - Gir)

- Aashriya Singh (10 - Corbett)

- Lateesha Khera (11 - Gir)



Solo Piano : Special Jury Mention

Krishay Chadda


Structured Improvisation : 3rd Prize

Anurag Kukreja 9 Gir

Jasminn Narula 9 Kanha

Aashita Baid 9 Kanha

Sragvi Mehta 9 Corbett

Aaryan Panda 10 Kanha


Canvas Painting

Krishangi Talwar 10 Kanha


Indian Classical Solo

Saanvi Jaitley 10 Sariska (Participated in the final round)

Vidhi Grade 10 (Cleared the semi finals)


Monologue Competition : Cleared the semi finals

Hiya Malhotra 10 Sariska

Yashvi Midha 11 Gir


Band Competition : Cleared the semi finals

1. Vihaan Garg 

2. Yajur 

3. Twisha

4. Dia byju 

5 Krishay 

6 Neil taneja

7 Vayun Gupta

On Ground Photography: 3rd Prize

Rayrith Kundu of Grade 11 IBDP


Kaafila 2023 stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression in shaping young minds and fostering holistic growth. The event not only showcased the students' talents but also provided them with a platform to learn, grow, and reflect. The support and dedication of the teachers, coupled with the enthusiasm of the students, created an atmosphere of magic and learning that is sure to influence their journeys in the years to come. As the students recount their experiences, we are reminded of the remarkable stories they carry, stories that are a testament to their dedication, passion, and artistic spirit.


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