Joy of Sharing 2023

The Joy of Sharing is a festival of philanthropy that aims to establish the spirit of sharing and giving amongst children. The week marks the birthday of our founder, Mr. Shiv Nadar who believes in creating spirals of aspirations through transformative education.

The experience of sharing and giving builds a sense of social responsibility and gratitude among our young learners, a stepping stone for them to understand that ‘it is in giving that we receive’.

Early Years

The Early Years students understood the importance of sharing and giving through various activities. Year 1 and 2 students conducted a ‘read-aloud session’ with Nursery and Kindergarten children. They learnt that sharing is not only in terms of tangibility but sharing intangible things such as their time. Parents engaged the children through story sessions reinforcing the essence Joy of Sharing.

Primary Years

​Primary Years, showcased the values of compassion and sharing through different activities and actions ranging from putting up a book stall, and sharing the workload of our support staff in the cafeteria by serving food to our community. Aligning International Year of Millets with Joy of Sharing week and our unit of inquiry Healthy Choices, we invited grandparents and parents to share healthy recipes that use Millet as a main ingredient. Student volunteers taught others how to make something that can be used in class. They also prepared a beverage and shared it with everyone around. They consciously avoid using paper cups to ensure zero wastage. It was all about collaboration, teamwork and sharing responsibilities.

Grade 5 students were thrilled to serve breakfast and lunch to their peers, the students of Primary Years. Students also donated their favourite books with a beautiful message for their readers.

Middle Years

Students in the Middle Years, apart from engaging in various activities based on the spirit of sharing, put up a bake sale and raised funds towards the Delhi flood relief an endeavour started by the NGO Chintan.

Senior Years

Drawing inspiration from our founder’s vision and mission, we aim at crafting year-long engagements to enable students to understand their social responsibility and empower them in making the world a better place. Senior Years, we will be focusing on 'Community Outreach' as the theme this year and will build robust platforms to ensure that our children experience the unparalleled happiness of sharing, as the scriptures say- ‘Receive to give’. The aim is to build the experience of caring, sharing and giving to inculcate the spirit of brotherhood and gratitude amongst our children for everyone around.

Our DP students helped flood-affected families in the embankment area just behind the school district. Having worked on their CAS initiative Project Neer which focuses on water conservation and uninterrupted access to clean water, the students were aware of the need of the hour and carried potable water for the displaced families. Their learning from these projects and experiences helped the students call for a collection drive of essential supplies, clothing and bedding. Not only did they distribute the items they had brought with them, but they also spent time conversing with those affected and understanding their plight.

School Life