Joy of Sharing, 2021

The Joy of Sharing or “The Festival of Philanthropy”. This is our week-long celebration honouring our Founder’s vision, i.e., giving back to society irrespective of the boundaries that circumstances may try to bind us in. The idea is to inculcate in our children, the value of sharing and the joy that we receive and spread from the simple acts of kindness.

Education for life is the motto of Shiv Nadar School, an education that focuses on the holistic development of a child. An education that not only fosters towards building a child into an effective communicator, creative or critical thinker but also someone who will work in collaboration with the members of their society with a heart full of all-encompassing love and compassion. We believe that only when children are able to value the things they have, they can empathize with others and it creates in them a “spark”- an urge from within, to share.

The Early-years and Primary-years celebrated the week by starting off with stories and discussions to understand the importance of sharing and connecting it to their daily life. Students were explained how simply being thoughtful in helping around with chores at home also counts. Covid Warriors emphasised the idea of “Faith Triumphs Everything”. Children wrote letters to their future selves with motivating and encouraging words. They created gratitude jars and wrote ‘Thank You’ messages for their parents, siblings, friends and house helps.

The highlight of the week was the culmination, parents were invited and the response was overwhelmingly grateful!

The Early-years culmination had various sessions led by the parents on storytelling, drawing and painting, art and craft, and flameless cooking. The grand finale was a show by the internationally renowned ventriloquist, Mr. Santosh Kumar.

The Primary-years culmination had student-led sessions, each Grade put up its own show. They showcased their carefully planned and curated beautiful activities emphasising the fact that, while there’s nothing that beats the excitement of Joy of Sharing in meeting each other at school, the essence wasn’t lost in the online environment.

Humans are innately capable of being thankful, we at Shiv Nadar School recognise that and lace our learning with the attitude of compassion making sharing a joy indeed!

Education For Life