Investiture Ceremony - Middle and Senior School

The investiture ceremony was an occasion to celebrate the indomitable spirit of resilience and empathy and felicitate the new torch bearers of the student body. The Middle and Senior School student body elected their student council virtually for the first time. The whole process of the democratic elections was held in an organised and seamless manner. The candidates shared their vision in their manifesto videos and campaigning was kick started by showing these manifesto videos to the students during the circle time slots. A google doc was shared with the students and they voted for the candidates of their choice virtually on the 19th of June 2021.

The newly elected Student Council was sworn in at the Investiture Ceremony held on the 26th of June, 2021. Before that, the service and leadership of the previous council members who had led by example, holding themselves, those around them and the SNS core values to a higher standard, was lauded.

 Viren Choudhary and Nirvani Jain were elected as the School Captains for the year. Along with School Captains, House captains, Sports Captain, Vice-captains, Prefects, Literary Incharges and Cultural Secretaries, this year, several new posts were introduced namely - MUN secretary, Heritage and History Anchor and Habitat Conservationist. The elected students gave their acceptance speeches and thanked their peers for voting for them.

The School Captain of the previous council, Arnav Sachdeva, led the Student Council in taking the oath to do justice to the responsibilities entrusted upon them. Col Gopal Karunakaran, CEO of Shiv Nadar School and President of Shiv Nadar University, inspired the council with his motivating words about leadership. Our Director Principal Ms. Wal congratulated and motivated the council to be the voice of the student body and learn the true essence of leadership.

A lot of hard work, technical expertise, creativity and innovative thinking had gone into planning what finally culminated into the Investiture ceremony.

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